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Tailored to Your Farm's Needs



We produce a variety of seaweed species, including Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta in brown seaweeds. Additionally, we are currently undertaking a Scottish Government backed research project into producing Red Seaweeds at a hatchery scale, including Palmaria Palmata and Porphyra dioica.

Tailored Seeding 

We recognise that every farm has its own distinct needs and specifications.  At Marivate, we are ready and able to accommodate your needs. From spool specifications and twine size and type to seeding methods, we are committed to tailoring our solutions to match the unique requirements of your farm.



Situated in a biosecure facility at the Scottish Oceans Institute on the East Coast of Scotland, Marivate enjoys a strategic location that allows us to supply the United Kingdom without encountering Brexit-related challenges and enables us to be on hand year round for coordination and support.

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